Five ways to Revive Yourself from Stress

Annu Singh
5 min readAug 26, 2020


In times like these, being stressed is an understatement. Everything around you is panicking you out. You are looking for salvation & are worried about your mental health. It can quickly get scary & lonesome, fighting this battle from stress all alone. The amount of pressure you are in, no one can comprehend. But always remember, everyone has their wars, their own story to tell. Not everybody can have the strength to deal with innumerable emotional rollercoasters. Some people choose to suffer in silence; they decide not to ask for help. They cover their worries & stress behind the sound of their laughter.

Stressed persons have more chances of getting into depression if not dealt with it properly.

Everyone has a different & unique way of dealing with stress. There must be a willingness to work on yourself, to be better & free. No one can force you to be calm & peaceful. All the hard work needs to be put in by you. Each day will be a battle for you, but you have the strength & the heart to get through it. Life is a small & short window at which you get just one shot. Try not to waste this beautiful gift for living someone else’s life or someone else’s dream. Be your own wonderful person.

Few Tips for Stress Relief

Time goes by very fast. Make sure you keep a certain amount of time aside, just for yourself & your thoughts. The significance of some peace & quiet is underrated. Even if could just spare only half an hour for yourself, make sure to spend it on yourself. Here is a list of few activities for you to pick from for stress alleviation:

  1. Meditation
All you need is the will

Meditating might sound very corny, but believe me, this is one of the best methods for stress relief. It is an ayurvedic mental exercise that has been part of many family traditions for centuries. Meditating is a way of life, a life filled with purpose, serenity & contentment. Practicing meditation in your every routine will not only calm your mind but also help you get rid of the stress you might have.

2. Do Something Productive

Make a mark in the world

Being idle is the most ungrateful thing you could ever do for yourself. You are missing out on life right in front of your eyes if you are not contributing or doing something productive or creative in your life. Finding the time to do something creative surely helps a lot with stress relief. All your energy & thoughts will be the focus on only one thing- your art. Doing something productive in your life & with your time indeed captures those moments in your mind till eternity.

3. Read a Book

A beautiful & peaceful escape

Reading a book might sound cliche, but this is one of the most effective ways to alleviate your mood & release you from any tension you might have. The culture of reading books is getting lost by the minute. Our literature is a part of who we are as a society. If the people of the community decide to eradicate the reading culture, the organization will fail as a whole, like an old rotten shoe factory.

Reading helps you to be more tolerant & patient; it helps you gain your perspective on the issue. It helps you free from all the prejudices & shortcomings surrounding you. You go on and live life as the protagonist, enjoying his victories & learning from his mistakes. If you are looking for an escape from your stressful life, pick a book & start reading. Everything will surely get better.

4. Find your Passion

Finding your passion is quite vague. It is more like an exploration of things you like to do & would love doing for so long & so forth. The force of your life is what will keep you young at heart & excited for life even if you are 100 years old. Without any passion in your life, you might have to count up the days till your death sitting in a dark grey hospital room. The whole point of being alive is to enjoy it to the fullest. Not one day should get by without you thoroughly enjoying it until the end. It’s a beautiful life, so if you are blessed with it, make sure to live up to your potential & do justice for yourself.

5. Appreciate your Family & Friends

The most beautiful pleasure comes from the simplest things

Your dear ones have a way of picking you up in ways you cannot even comprehend. No matter what, they will always have your back. It is sometimes hard to believe that they are the angel they are said to be. It isn’t easy to see your friends & family in a different light. Sometimes, they even do something that might actually hurt or probably scar you for the rest of your life but remember they always believe in their hearts to do good things for you in their loving twisted ways. No matter where you are in your life, you still need a failsafe or emotional support behind you. If the emotional support in your life is your family & friends, then my friend, you are living a good & happy life. Be grateful for everything & every loving person you have.

The trick to handling stress is knowing that you have done something substantial & worthwhile in your life, something you are proud of. It is even better if you have realized your dream with the good graces of the people who are close to you. If you are struggling with something, make a list of things that will make it better. Try & work hard for checking off the items on your list. Life is full of curveballs & everyone has to face them in some way or the other. The real thing which defines you as a person is how you get through in life with all the curveballs which are thrown at you.

The critical thing to remember is it is the darkest before the sunrise, & this tough time will too pass. Just remember to take care of you through it.



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