How to Write Compelling Email Marketing Copy in 5 Easy Steps?

Annu Singh
6 min readNov 12, 2022
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Your content marketing can only do so much if it’s not enticing people to open your emails.

The best way to stand out from the competition is by crafting compelling content that is designed for human consumption.

Email marketing copy is a great place to start when creating highly-targeted messages because there are no other mediums where you can get in front of as many eyeballs as you can through email or social media channels.

However, many marketers struggle with writing high-quality copy because they don’t know what makes good email marketing copy, or how they should structure their subject lines.

To help you out with these things and more, we’ve put together this guide on the 5 most important aspects of creating great email marketing copy!

Write a compelling subject line that says, “Open me!”

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  • Write a compelling subject line that says, “Open me!”
  • Make sure the subject line is specific to the content.
  • Make sure it is compelling and interesting. Don’t just say “Email” in your email marketing copy — it’s boring! Instead, try something like “Your Guide To Email Marketing Success.”

That way readers know what they’re getting into and get excited about it before even opening up your email (which will help them open the rest of their inbox).

  • Be relevant to their interests or needs: If you’re sending out emails about investing in stocks, try writing something like “The Path To Financial Freedom Through Stock Investing.”

This could also work well if you’re doing affiliate sales for other people’s products; maybe instead of sending out an email promoting all things makeup-related like so many beauty bloggers do today on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook Groups where people group together based upon common interests such as pets etc…

Don’t start with the sales pitch

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The key to writing compelling email marketing copy is to start with a question.

You want your audience to engage with you and feel as if they can answer the question in their own words.

If you’re selling something that’s easy to buy, like an ebook or course on social media marketing, start by asking:

“What do you think would make this product more valuable?”

If it’s something harder to sell (like a product or service), ask: “Why should I buy from me instead of someone else?”

Once you’ve got them hooked on the idea of buying something from you (or not), move on to the next step: story-telling!

Stories are powerful because they allow us, humans, an opportunity for self-expression — and we need it more than ever these days when our attention spans become shorter and shorter every day due to technology advancements like smartphones/smartwatches which constantly distract us from what matters most in life such as family/friends etc…

Keep it small and sweet

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You’re not writing a novel. You want to keep it short and sweet, so don’t make the reader work too much to find the information they are looking for.

There are plenty of examples of how people can use their email signatures to be more effective at communicating with customers and prospects:

  • Include a call-to-action (CTA) right in your signature line with clear instructions on how they can contact you or engage further.

A well-written CTA will help increase conversions because it makes it easy for them to take action by clicking through from one part of your email marketing campaign into another one with related content or offers that might interest them.

  • Make sure everything is easy enough for someone who doesn’t know much about you yet but still wants more information about what services/products/services etc., etc., etc., could possibly be beneficial if used alongside others such as those listed within this article itself!

Invoke emotion and action in your copy, as Nike does below

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In this email, Nike asks readers “What would you do if we gave away $25,000?”

The answer is obvious: they should run out and buy a new pair of running shoes!

  • Use action words that get people moving:

The next time you’re writing an email marketing campaign, try incorporating some action words into your subject line or body text that will encourage the reader to take some kind of action (like “Make A Change”).

This can be as simple as changing one word from “buy” to “save!” or something else entirely like “get started today.”

Always include a call-to-action

In the email marketing world, a call-to-action (CTA) is a clear, concise and direct statement of what you want your reader to do.

For example:

  • “Learn more about our product”
  • “Download this whitepaper”

The CTA should also be relevant to the content of your email.

If you’re writing an email about how to use social media effectively then include a link in that section that leads directly back into it — otherwise, it will seem like you’ve included links just because they make sense as part of a call-to-action.

This is a good snapshot of the 5 tips to keep in mind when creating email marketing copy.

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Here are the 5 steps to writing compelling email marketing copy that converts:

  • Write a compelling subject line that says, “Open me!”
  • Don’t start with the sales pitch or the benefits of your product or service like most companies do when they send out an email campaign.

You want people to open your emails because they’re interested in what you have to say and it’s not about getting them on board so that they can buy from you later (that comes later).

The goal is for them to take action now by opening up one of your emails first thing in the morning or afternoon before checking their inboxes again later on in the day/evening hours…or even better yet…during those times when everyone else is asleep!

  • Keep it small and sweet so that people don’t lose interest after reading just one sentence from one of our emails (which happens all too often). A good rule of thumb here would be no longer than 150 words unless otherwise stated.


Now that you have a better idea of how to write compelling email marketing copy that will get opened and read, let’s take a look at what makes them so effective.

The first step is finding the right audience for your brand message.

If you’re trying to sell something or reach out to potential customers, then make sure they know where it’ll be going in the first few sentences.

Remember that every person who receives an email message has their own unique set of preferences and expectations, so make sure whatever message you send matches theirs as closely as possible — even if it means just doing some research beforehand!



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